Floor Lamps

Floor lamps also known as pedestals are ideal pieces of furniture for those environments where a light source is missing or where a different light source is meant to be created without enlightening all the surrounding. Lamps offered by Italian Light Store are suitable for every kind of furniture. Arched pedestals, crystal sphere designed, 8 lights, satin metal, Murano galss, are just some details of the floor lamps currently on the website which will succeed in catching everyone’s attention.

DRIFTWOOD Ideal Lux Nordic... DRIFTWOOD Ideal Lux Nordic...
Ideal Lux
€786.90 €645.26

Original floor lamp with lampshade and decorative elements with intertwined wooden branches, ideal for illuminating lofts, living rooms or Nordic style rooms.

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REGINA Floor Lamp Led 9W... REGINA Floor Lamp Led 9W...
Fabas Luce
€297.68 €238.14

Modern floor lamp with dimmable LED source, available in WHITE, BLACK, ALUMINUM finishes, ideal for illuminating reading areas or studies.

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